Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Summer Break 2009

Jared finished up third year on a Friday and we left for New Jersey Saturday afternoon. We loaded up all our stuff and the three kids and drove 4 and a half hours to Jersey. We stayed with Jared's cousin and his cute family. The kids had sooo much fun with their cousins!!! Avery and I messing around with the camera while driving to Jersey! Liam is so cute sucking his thumb! Ben reading the kids a bedtime book, what a good dad!

The next day we headed off to New York! I was sooo excited as I absolutely LOVE New York!!!!! We took the bus in and Lincoln was so excited to ride on the big bus. It's so funny going into a big city with 3 kids. We get so many looks from people, some good but most of them are not. I just give them my, "you want to fight" look and that pretty much takes care of it. Us getting off the bus and headed toward the subway. More pics of us in N.Y.

So I also love the street fair they have every weekend. There is this stand that makes the best fruit smoothies ever. Lincoln thought the blenders were too loud so he covered his ears. He is so funny. We did pass on the chocolate covered marshmallows this time. They are just not the same with out you Tyson! Avery and Linc trying on stuff at the street fair. So they have this giant train table at Toys R Us and Linc loved it. He could have stayed there all day. Liam almost made it through the whole store, but then just passed out.

Ok, so if you have ever seen the movie, Fools Rush In, you know that Gray's Papaya hot dogs were the one thing the main character missed from New York. So we totally wanted to go there and get a hot dog. Sadly they were not as good. Don't get me wrong, the hotdog was actually good but needed to be bigger. The let down was that the sour kraut did not have any "bite" to it. We had a ton of fun though and the kids liked it.

We were able to meet up with Jareds other cousin Mariah whom we have missed so much. We met her in Central Park at the splash park and the kids were pretty happy to see her too. We could spend forever in Central Park.
The kids chasing the pigeons just outside of Central Park.
Good times at FAO Schwartz.

Monday Morning we were off to Massachusetts to my see my friends Aaron and Jessica. So trying to get all the kids to look at the camera at the same time is impossible!

We got there that evening and it was so good to see Jessica and her family. Tuesday we got up and we all went to Cape Cod. It was so pretty and the kids loved it. There were so many Hermit crabs and Leopard crabs. Lincoln just went right to town picking them up and putting them into the bucket, but it took Ave a bit.
Liam also turned 6 months that day! He is growing so fast and he continues to be such a blessing to our family. The kids adore him and can't pass by him without hugging, kissing, or touching him.

Liam LOVED the water!

The next day we rode the train into Boston to go to the Childrens Museum. It was so cold that day, I think the high was like 65!!! When we got to Boston we met Aaron and we all had lunch. Liam LOVED the deep dish pizza. When I would pull my hand away he would reach out and grab them and pull the pizza back to him. He is just so dang cute! We had so much fun there.

Thursday morning we had to say goodbye. The kids did not want to leave. They all played so well together.

Then we were off to Newport Rhode Island. We got there that afternoon and walked the Cliff Walk which ran behind all the mansions. It was sooo foggy which was a bummer, but it was still beautiful!!! You can pay and then tour 5 of the mansions, we didn't get to do this but we are for sure going back next year and taking the tour. So if anyone out there wants to join us, please do because it's going to be amazing! We walked along the beach and noticed the red tide. It was the craziest thing to see streaks of red running through the water.

We then went back to New Jersey to Ben and Tanelle's and met up with Raschell Friday. It was so good to see her, and we know Tyson was devastated that he missed us:0) Thank you sooo much Ben and Tanelle and Aaron and Jessica, we had such a great time and we miss you all already. Please come to D.C. and let us return the favor!!