Tuesday, February 15, 2011

December 2010

This month came and then just like that it was over! But, we did manage to have a bit of fun!

My Mother in law gave us this way cute advent calendar last year. So every day in December we do a "treasure hunt". I make up clues which leads the kids to the prize of the night. It can be anything from a game to play, movie, treat, pretty much anything I want. But we do it as a family and they love it.

So day 1 was a ginger bread house! If you look on the stove you will see the treat for the night. Hot banana chocolate bread pudding with vanilla bean ice cream! Yes, it was delicious.
This was Liam's first ginger bread experience and to say the least he LOVED it, well the eating part anyway. Honestly though, who doesn't like making ginger bread houses. Poor Jared was at work, like always. Poor guy.

Liam chilled on the couch watching How the grinch stole Christmas while Ave and Linc decorated.

Finally we finished! After we finish and got pictures, then it's time for the best part. Eating it!!! This is when Liam joined in.

Things started to get a little crazy! Yes, Lincoln does look like a deer caught in head lights. Probably because I left the room for a min. only to find him sucking down the left over frosting, nasty!!

Liam absolutely adores his dad and brother. He watches their every move and try's to mimic it. It is the cutest thing you will ever see.

Lincoln had his Christmas program for preschool. They sang a few songs and it was awesome! Linc plays the tuff guy, but when I show up at his school for anything he waves, hugs, and smiles! Makes my whole day. Not the best picture, but there were about 100 other mothers also trying to get pictures.

My Neighbor told me that the bass pro shop had a Santa and was doing free pictures. So of course we went! Jared was able to go too which was an added bonus. Only in Texas do you go to see Santa and shoot guns at the same time! They even had a pink one for girls. The kids loved it. They had other shooting games and remote control cars they could play with. It was actually a ton of fun. Ill have to scan in the picture of the kids with santa later, but Liam was not a fan of the big man to say the least.

Skipping ahead to December 23rd. My dad, step mom, and my little brother T decided to come for Christmas! I was seriously going to pee my pants I was so excited! We didn't tell the kids so we could surprise them. They drove straight here from Vegas in bad weather so it took them like 23 hours. Lets just say my brother kissed the ground when he got out of the car! Jared took the kids to Sea World and I got things ready. I hid them under a huge blanket in front of the Christmas tree and when the kids got here I told them that Dad and I had a big present for them and they could open it up early. They ran in and came to a sudden stop, then just stared at the blanket. Avery walked up to it and lifted it a bit and then crawled under. They through the blanket off and yelled "SURPRISE"!!!!! Ave jumped into Grandmas arms and Linc ran away!!! They scared the poor kid to death. It took a minute before he would go near them. We had so much fun with them!
Liam's favorite thing is this little purple rubber frog. My dad threw it up onto the ceiling and it stuck, then slowly fell to the ground. Guess what we did for like 3 weeks!!
Playing with Uncle T and the frog.

Since my dad and Carrie were here they also brought the kids birthday presents with them. Linc got a sweet remote control car that Liam also loved. Liam got a tent with a tunnel thing that all the kids loved until Linc flew into it and broke it. But the tunnel is still alive and continues to entertain the neighborhood. Grandma gave Avery her first Barbie! Complete with her own wardrobe and closet. Linc wanted to play with it all night and she wouldn't let him. Hours after we put the kids to bed he came in with the barbie and asked if I could put her belt on. The barbie did not have a shirt on, so I asked,
"Linc, do you want a shirt for her"?
"Linc, was it too hard to put on and that is why she is half naked"? Keeping my fingers crossed ;0)
He grins, "ya".
"Linc, did Avery finally fall asleep and that's why you are finally playing with the barbie"?
Another little grin, "ya".
I love this kid! Notice his shirt is on backwards :0)

Making Grandpa and Grandmas Christmas cups with Uncle T while Grandma and Liam play in the sweet tent!

I just want to say that there was NO alcohol involved. That being said, we were all sitting at the kitchen table talking and laughing and just having fun. Poor Jared was passed out on the couch, nothing unusual there. When I decided to give my brother some sweet hair! This went on for like 45 minutes and I know that at least half of us peed our pants laughing! I think he looks like Mark Walberg in the first picture!!! Ahhh I love my family, they crack me up!


Christmas Eve
Every year I make my kids Christmas pajama pants and they get to open them Christmas eve and wear them. This year my Aunt Cezanne sent me a HUGE bolt of Christmas flannel that was so cute! So for Christmas eve, and it being our last night on the advent calender, I had the kids do a treasure hunt to find them. T was reading one of the clues and then added in that they had to do 3 push ups. So of course they dropped and gave 3, but so did Liam!!! Oh I wish I had it on video! They eventually found their Jammies and slippers + the movie the polar express, our last activity.
I also made Christmas Pillow cases for everyone else.

While we watched the movie I made everyone hot chocolate for when that part of the movie came on, the kids love doing that. Liam LOVED the marshmellows.
*Notice Lincolns sweet Halloween gloves????

Finally the kids fell asleep so it was time to get to work! Carrie and I went up stairs and wrapped the presents that still needed to be wrapped while the guys put up the trampoline! It was pretty cold that night so they would take turns coming in and warming up. It took them forever but I don't know what Jared would have done without their help. Thanks Dad and T!

The next morning Avery was the first one up. She came in and woke Jared and I up and then went to get Grandma and Grandpa. The next thing I hear are high pitched squeals of delight. Little stinker ran down stairs without us! After we got her back up and got the boys up we all went down. My favorite thing is to see the kids faces when they see all the presents for the first time!
We always hit up the stockings first, my personal favorite.
*Notice Lincoln's shirt is backwards....again, apparently we need to learn how to dress ourselves....again :0)

Avery super excited about an ice cream cone shaped something that looks like candy!! Woo Hoo!!
Then not so excited when I tell her it's soap.

More stocking goodness!

Since this was Liam's first Christmas to be old enough to do something, we all had so much fun watching him take it all in! Grandma helped him with his stocking while I took pictures. He LOVED pulling out everything and then he would look it all over, throw it on the floor and shove his arm back into the stocking to see what else he could pull out! So cute!

More Christmas fun!

Every year Jared and I take the kids to the dollar store and let them pick out presents for everyone. We do not help them with their decision in any way. Seeing what they pick out for everyone is the BEST! They are so serious and really put a lot of thought into what they are getting. Come Christmas they are so excited to give their gifts! They are so cute!!
Grandma and Grandpa with their gifts from Ave and Linc. Jared got an incredible hulk paddle ball from linc and a sweet new watch from Ave. Avery was so cute when she picked it out. This is what she said to me, "Daddy needs a new watch. I heard him say his wasn't working so I think I'll get him one"! I just want to hug her.

Avery has been asking for a real kitten for about 3 years now! NOT what we have been asking for! So Santa brought her this kitty until he can bring a real one.....in a few years.

Liam liked opening the presents a little, but loved playing with the toys!

Linc got a few Star Wars Lego's and I don't know who liked putting them together more. My dad, Jared, or Linc. Ya it's Jared. Next year I guess I am going to have to get him his own!

Liam got a hold of Avery's chocolate Walrus and just walked around for like 15 min. with it hanging out of his mouth. He would just suck up the slobber when too much accumulated. It was so gross! I finally had to take it away, he was not happy about that.

Finally the kids noticed the Trampoline. They were jumping up and down with excitement and trying to find their coats and socks! It didn't matter that it was freezing outside, they wanted to jump! Jared and Uncle T went with them.

The rest of the day we played Wii, hung out, ate and laughed. It was a GREAT day!

The next morning we got up and went to the river walk and had lunch. After that it was time to say goodbye. It was so hard to let them go, but I know they will be back soon. We love you Dad, Carrie, and T so much!! Thank you for making this Christmas epic!!

December 30th
Liam turned two this day!!! You would never know that this kid had a 5% chance of making it in this world!! He is truly a miracle and such a blessing to our family and a joy to everyone who meets him.
I didn't have blue frosting so blue sprinkles were going to have to do! I don't think Liam cared. Rob, Val, Sophia, and Scarlet came over also to help us celebrate. We always have a fun time together.

December 31st
I turned 32 this year! Man I am getting old! Don't mind the no makeup look I am sporting! My cute neighbor boys brought me flowers and a cake, so sweet! Avery made me about 20 cards, I love that she is so artistic and crafty, definably my child!
My baby brother also turned 19 on this day, Happy Birthday Creed!! I can't wait till we can hang out on our birthdays again, I miss him and Sage so much!

December was AWESOME to say the least and I can't wait to see what January brings!