Friday, July 23, 2010

A Home Of Our Own

Our house is finished!!!! I have waited soooo long to be able to say that and I must say it feels awesome! Jared is going to do the walk through on Monday and we should be able to close on the 30th! The kids and I are still here in Utah, but excited to get on the road on the 1st WOOHOO!!!!

I am excited to have a new home all to ourselves, but what I am most excited about is this.........

a HUGE backyard to play in and a fence so I don't have to worry about the kids!!!! It's looking a little on the plain side right now, but after I get a hold of it it should look pretty amazing!!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Major Milestone

When Liam was born the Dr's didn't know if he would walk or not. Being a parent a million things run through your head at that very moment and you are already planning on ramps, lower counters, and where to buy whealchairs. Looking at him when he was first born and his little legs were in traction and thinking that he might never get to run after his brother and sister, or that it would never be easy for him to get around broke my heart. But we never gave up hope.

When it came time to bring Liam home the Dr's gave him a 50% chance of walking. Later they then said that he would probably walk with the aid of a walker of some sort one day. I was soooo excited to hear that we could at least walk on his own two feet, even if he did have a walker. The kids and I would go to this park in Virgina called Clemyjontir Park. It's an amazing park with a unique playground where children of all abilities can play side-by-side.

One day while we were they I saw a little boy about 2 years old with the cutest little walker having the time of his life! I was holding Liam and honestly sobbing! It was pretty bad, poor Ave and Linc probably thought I had finally lost it! But they were good tears and seeing that little boy so happy even with all that he has going on just made my year!

Later Liam was able to work with a Physical Therapist and eventually learned how to sit up by himself by age 6 months and was able to crawl a month after his first birthday.

I am soooo excited to say that Liam has hit another MAJOR milestone and walked half way across the living room floor all by himself!!!! Of course I was trying so hard to hold back the tears of udder joy. When he fell down he turned and looked up at me as to say, "Did you see me mom, I did it!!!" I picked him up and cheered and danced around the room for a bit! Liam you are amazing, and continue to conquer anything that comes your way. We love you!

Monday, July 5, 2010

House Update

They have just about finished the front of the house and I am LOVING it! If only we could move in tomorrow.