Thursday, May 27, 2010

1 Year Of Preschool Down

Today my sweet Linc Graduated from his first year of preschool!!! For the past three years I have done a preschool group with our church. The kids have LOVED it and they have made some great memories and friends!
Here are some pictures of the afternoon. No Lincoln did not dip his head in water, that would be sweat! It was seriously hot today! :0)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

First Step

Today was Liam's last day of physical therapy. He has had Therapy every Wednesday since he was about 6 months old. When Liam started he couldn't even hold himself up, he would just fall on his face. Thanks to Jen and some hard work from Mr. Liam (and us of course) Liam took his first step today!!!! He is still pretty shaky, but it is coming!!!!!! Thank you Jen, we will miss you!!!!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Odds And Ends That Got Missed This Month

It has been a mad house here this month with graduation, moving, Dr. appointment's, etc. So one thing was the kids had to go get a check up. I adore our dentist and will miss her!!! This was Liam's first check up and was not very happy about it. Avery had to man the camera so I could take care of Liam. I think she did a pretty good job! And yes they were all cavity free!

Playing out front, finding bugs, and jumping!

Avery teaching Liam how to paint his toes while Linc watches cartoons.

Play dates with friends.

Playing at the park with friends.

Liam learned how to walk along things!!!! He tires out quickly and has to take a little break in the middle. Then he is ready to go.

Making chocolate chip cookies!

Had a going away party for Avery with her Kindergarten class.

Horsey rides with papa and playing on the patio!

We have had a busy month and it's not even over yet!

A Week Of Family

After Graduation Jared's family stayed for a whole week, it was awesome!!!! The day after Graduation everyone left for Williamsburg, except our family. Jared and Linc left the next day, but Avery had testing at school that she couldn't miss. So Liam, Ave, and I stayed home. When I picked Ave up from school her teacher told me she finished early and that it would be fine to miss the next two days. Needless to say we left that night!
Our days were filled with plenty of pool time.....

Liam wanted to get to the pool bad!

So close....


Playing in the pool and with Mindi's new camera (awesome), and Liam LOVING the squirt guns!

The kids found a toad, yeah they were in heaven!

It was our Brother in law's birthday one of the nights that we were there. Julie took some of the kids to the store to get some supplies for the party. One Grandma, two grandchildren, and a Wal*Mart equals ..........

An AWESOME Sponge Bob party complete with party poppers, a pinata, and hats!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIKE!!!!!

The loot!

Between Linc and Brandon, Mike didn't have to do one thing. Including blowing out his own candles and opening his sweet presents! I love that the shorts are like 5 sizes to small.

Friday we all headed back to D.C. where we later met up with Jared's brother and his family at the Lincoln Memorial. Liam was thrilled to be "one of the boys".

The Gruesome twosome. Brandon decided that only getting his hands wet was just not good enough.

We walked over to the Washington Monument where the kids had WAY too much fun with the stroller!

Jared swinging the kids around. I don't think they liked it much, what do you think ;0)

Avery LOVES having tea party's. She got Grandma and Papa to join in the fun.

We had so much fun with everyone and we would have been sad to see them go if we were not going to see them all again in about two weeks! We love you all and had a blast, thanks for coming!