Tuesday, May 22, 2012

February 2012

Febraury 4th 2012
My Aunt Cezanne sends the kids the funnest packages ever! She knows how much my kids like crafts and let's face it, so do I. I don't mind getting out the paints, glue, scissors, stickers etc. I love seeing what my kids come up with!
This package was for Valentines Day! The kids were making gift bags and they had so much fun doing it. 

Notice Liam's sweet pink finger nails, gotta love having an older sister♥

February 14th 2012
Today was Valentines Day! With that comes my amazing Lincoln's 6th Birthday! I did the usual and got them a dozen red Mylar heart balloons and placed them all over the house. I didn't make a pink breakfast this year only because it was a school day and we have to get up before the sun. Not good for us, we like our sleep.
Here are the kids checking out their "loot" from their Valentines party. Liam was oh so excited and thought he needed to taste a bit of everything♥

Valentine's Day in the morning and then from there on out it's all about Lincoln's Birthday! I can't believe he is 6!! Of course he picked out the Darth Vader Balloons again, love this boy♥

Every other year we have a friend party and a family party for the kids Birthdays, this year it was family party time, my personal favorite! When I asked Linc what he wanted for his birthday dinner and cake he told me "Spaghetti with big meatballs and a yellow Lego cake, chocolate!" 
Done! Jared's parents were flying in that night to spend the week with us so the kids were in Heaven. Jared went and picked them up while I cooked and got everything ready so that when they walked in the door we could begin the celebration! Our good friends Rob, Val, and their two girls were also able to come and join us :0)

February 16th 2012
We had so much fun this week. We went to the Hiatt Resort for a long weekend stay and it was sooo much fun! Their pool had a water slide and was half indoor half outdoor with a huge lazy river! To bad it was a little too cool to enjoy the outside part, but I don't think the kids cared.

It looks like Jared is eyeing Linc down.

My little water baby! Julie, Liam, and I opted to not swim. I am feeling ok at this point in my pregnancy, but not spectacular yet. That comes when the baby is OUT!

Classic mom move, I forgot to pack Linc a bathing suit so he had to wear a pair of slick shorts. Not the tightest around the waist hehehe!

Boys will be boys ♥

I love that where ever the kids are you are sure to find Papa! He is an AMAZING grandpa! Linc thinks the world of him and gets so excited when they are coming for a visit♥

A little sand art in the craft room.

Liam adores his big brother, he NEEDS to be with him at all times :)

Their park was so much fun and had the softest sand! 

So the kids wanted to be pushed on the merry go round and Jared being the great dad that he is went right over to push them oh so carefully since Liam was on with them. 

The Liam decided he was done.....and Dad pushed harder.....

And apparently safety went right out the window, or off the merry go round if your Lincoln!

Mom fired Dad.

February 17th 2012
Julie reserved us our own fire pit for s'mores! Three cheers for Grandma! We also found out that Lincoln is a bit of a pyro.
We had so much fun those four days!

February 18th 2012
My Avery is Baptized! I can't believe she is that old. I am so proud of her and the choice that she made to become a member of The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Later Day Saints. We love her so much and can't help but smile every time we look at her♥

The boys. Lincoln was so excited to take pictures!

My mom flew out for the occasion and we were able to go to dinner one night, just the two of us. Thank you Laurence, Julie, and Jared for taking the kids♥ 

Me already starting to look big, baby #4 looks like baby #4 and #5!

Jared Baptized and Confirmed her while Laurence and Julie both spoke. Mom said the opening prayer. It was awesome!

Afterward we all went to the Cheese Cake Factory, one of our favorite places to eat!

Liam going over the menu with Papa.

And this is what he ate, gross!

We finally got him to eat some bread with his butter.

Linc was getting restless, love the iphone!

My girl♥

February 22nd 2012
Liam painting while the kids are at school. Just a random thing we do a lot of.

February 23rd 2012
Hugs from sissy while they watch a show together♥

February was filled with so many great memories. We are excited for baby #4 to come this summer and add even more love and excitement to our family.