Saturday, April 30, 2011

January 2011

January 2011, crazy!
We have now been in Texas for 5 months. I still long for Virginia but am getting better. This was such a crazy busy month that there was no time left for dreaming of the East.
We start off every January with my sweet Avery's birthday! I can't believe she is 7, where does the time go. Jared is still in his Intern year and was not home for her birthday. So we celebrated it the next day so he could be here. We went the HEB (our grocery store) and walked by the cake section, I usually make their cakes but this year I was just too tired. She decided on these huge cupcakes instead! They were delish. Liam was all over the candle and cakes, he couldn't wait to get his little fingers on some.

One of the nice things about Ave's Birthday being right after Christmas is we get to hit the sales! Every year the Disney store has their sale on their snow globes, so each year I buy one for Ave on her birthday. Last year was snow white and this year was Jasmine. I love having a girl, especially this one♥ Happy Birthday Ave!

Last year Avery got this cake maker for Christmas, I think. She wanted to make cakes one day so we got it out she made a cake. Liam was way curious as to what she was doing. She finally gave him a taste of frosting and it was all over from there. He wanted the whole thing! She split the cake between the two and he was in heaven. She is such a good sister!

I have to say that winter in Southern Texas is awesome! After spending 27 years in Utah and 4 in Northern Virginia I am LOVING the mild winters!!! Ya, it's January and we are at the park only in a light jacket! We couldn't keep Liam off the slide, he loved it! Avery and Linc were in heaven, you would think they had never been to a park before. A beautiful day at the park = 3 crazy excited kids!

Regardless of what obstacle stands in Liam's way, he always finds away to get what he wants! I love the fact the he is sporting jammies all day.

In my opinion a warm sunny day at the park making rock angles beats making freezing cold snow angles any day!

My cute friend from Virginia got married at the San Antonio Temple, and I was so excited to see her and her amazing family. She now lives in Dallas and I can't wait till we can get together again. I am also great friends with her sister Ashby. That is her and I together in the second photo. She lives in Arizona and we are keeping our fingers crossed that Jared gets a job in the Mesa/Phoenix area so we can hang out again!

Ave was learning about Penguins in school and her project was to pick a penguin and make it! We went to the craft store and bought some model magic, awesome stuff, and constructed a penguin. She is such a perfectionist and it took her forever to paint the feet, beak, and side feathers. I love this girl, she is so much like me.

Jared's parents came down for a visit, which meant lots of games, horsie rides, apple tree, hide and go seek of the fridge, and cuddles! The kids were so excited to see them. We always have so much fun when they come into town!

The next day it was time for Avery's 7th birthday party! She wanted a tea party so we had "A crazy colorful tea party". I had all her friends wear their most crazy colorful outfits! The decorations were hung, and those paper pom poms were not easy to make. After making about 15 of them I called it quits! They were so cute hanging above the table though. Liam would run all over the house with her balloons, he had way too much fun with them!

It was time for the gusts to arrive! We started them out at our table decorating princess crowns. Thank goodness Julie was there to help me or else I would have sunk! I couldn't have done it without her thats for sure♥

Next we played Avery's most favorite game, freeze dance! These kids have some serious moves! Especially Linc ;0) While the kids dance, and burned off some energy, Julie and I cleared the table and got ready for the next thing!

I made sugar cookies in the shape of tea pots and made TONS of very colorful frosting. The kids LOVED decorating their cookies and cupcakes with all the toppings. Can you tell which cookie is Linc's? I'll give you a hint, you can't see much cookie♥

When they were done we sent them out back with their hoola hoops to play while we cleaned up and got ready for the tea party lunch. They were so cute playing together. Linc also had a ton of fun too. He got a little crazy in the follow the leader game. Thank goodness for Jared and his dad, they had Liam entertained the whole time!

For lunch we had the kids make their own mini pizzas, always a hit. We had European cookies to go with their "tea" which was lemonade. Avery was so cute and served the tea while we showed the girls how to hold their tea glasses, pinkies out please!

What is a birthday party without a giant cupcake piƱata! Don't you love the sweet broom handle that holding it up?

Time for presents!

It was such a fast, crazy hour and a half. The plates had been used and the dishes had been dirtied. I would call that a successful party!

But the day was not over yet! As we said goodbye to the last friend we all jumped into the van and headed to the Wild Animal Park. This place was so much fun. You basically buy bags of food, stay in your car and drive through the park looking at all the animals. They were all together and would come right up to you to get a sweet pellet snack. The kids were in heaven! It was awesome!

The kids could see the Ostridge's up ahead and were so excited! One came right up to the van and was a bit too friendly. You can see the crazed look in it's eyes right before he rammed his head inside the van as Jared tossed the bag of food at it to make it go away. Apparently Jared's brother had a similar encounter. It was so funny though!

More animals.

Next we headed over to feed the little goats. Oh my goodness they were so cute. Liam wasn't so sure at first, then Papa showed him how to hold his hand out for them to sniff. After that he would walk around to ever goat and hold his hand out, so darling! The kids couldn't get enough of them. Avery went right for the smallest one of course while Linc ran to them all!

We were all out of food so it was time to see some of the other animals and get a family picture, which the kids are alway so excited about.

When you are with Papa you know your going to have ice cream!

The next night we went down to the River walk and ate at the Rain Forest Cafe! The kids loved it.

January was so much fun and it was so awesome not to see a hint of snow!