Wednesday, June 24, 2009

First Hair Cut

Liam was blessed on the 14th and so the day before I gave him a hair cut. I was so afraid that he would loose his curls, but they stayed thank goodness. His "wings" were getting a bit too long. He just sat there and watched the kids. He is such a good baby.



For Tyson And Raschel

For those of you who know what Wegmans is knows that they have the best everything there!!! This is our favorite grocery store and I know I have mentioned it before but I will miss Wegmans the most when we leave!! Here are the kids enjoying their hot dog cookies that look oh so yummy!!

Saying Goodbye To A Great Rotation

Jared has just finished his last day in his Primary Care rotation and I am so sad to see it ending. It has been the best rotation of them all by a long shot. He is home every day no later than 4 and most days is home in the early afternoon. He takes his test this Friday and then we are done with our 3rd year of Medical school!!! WooHoo!! Since he has had so much time off we have been have been hanging out and playing. A bit ago we went to the National Harbor in Maryland. It was fun walking along the waterfront and climbing on "The Awakening" statue. It used to be in D.C. but the artist, J. Seward Johnson, Jr. sold it for $750,000 in Feb. of 2008. I would have sold it too! Avery has also graduated from Preschool!!!! We are so proud of her and how far she has come in those two years. She is such a joy to us and takes great care of her two little brothers. I can't believe she will be in Kindergarten this September!!! Where has the time gone to? So the other night Avery did not want to go to bed. She was crying and carrying on for about an hour. Finally Jared took her upstairs for the millionth time and said that if she gets out again that she will have to go to bed early tomorrow night. So when we went to go up to bed, this was waiting for us at the top of the stairs. We were laughing so hard! She can be sooo dang sweet, even when she is driving you crazy. My Uncle Norm and Aunt Linda were traveling the east coast and stopped by to say hi. I was soooooo excited to see them as I have been missing family like crazy. Uncle Norm played with the kids and they are in love with him. He was so much fun when I was little and now it's fun to watch him do the same "magic tricks" with my kids. We miss you and love you two sooo much. Thank you so much for stopping by!!
It has been raining here so much lately so when it finally stopped, and Jared was off early, we went to the water fountain at Fairfax Corner. The kids LOVE it and will stay there forever. Lincoln kept trying to kick the water and Avery just ran everywhere with a big smile on her face.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Nephrologist, Urologists, and Radiologists Oh My!!!

I swear all that we do now is go to the Dr. I went to the Nephrologist on June 2nd and found out that my right kidney does not work. So when I was in the hospital I was in kidney failure since the other one was blocked by the stone. I am doing fine since my left kidney is now stone free, I just have to do a few test to figure out why I make stone and try to avoid it. Liam had his bladder and kidneys scanned on June 4th and they are doing great!! We did find out through talking with his Urologist that they made his Urethra and there for it is not a "true" Urethra. So, when he is around 4 they will go in and place like a permanent catheter that has a valve on the end. So when he needs to empty his bladder he will just open the valve. I think that will be more convenient for him rather than having to self cath every time as we thought. On June 8th Liam had his back scanned. We found that he has Spina Bifida and will need spinal surgery to repair this. Spinal Bifida is a failure of the vertebraes to close around the spinal cord. We see the Neurologist on July 13th to find out more of what to expect and long term issues from this. I still believe that he will walk, it just might take him a bit to get there. Other than that Liam has turned 5 months old and I can't imagine life without him! He is such a great baby and loves to watch Avery and Linc when they sing to him. All he does is smile and slobber!