Monday, September 19, 2011

Saturday At Sea World Of Course!

After a very long summer with no rain, being on drought restrictions (still on) we finally got some rain!! Jared had what we like to call the Golden Weekend, which is on call Thursday - Post call Friday with the weekend off! So Saturday we all slept in and had a lazy morning, it was awesome! By about noon we decided to go to Sea World for the rest of the afternoon. It was the perfect day, overcast with sprinkle of rain every now and then with high 80's to low 90's. They are building a new water park called Aquatica and we honestly are peeing our pant with excitement! 
They had a little pool with baby Sting Rays swimming around for you to touch, the kids loved it!

We asked the kids what they wanted to do first and they yelled, "Bay Of Play"! So we headed over to where the kids rides/toys were.  The always love to climb on the rope jungle gym thing and thank goodness Jared is here to take Liam, I have managed to stay off this thing so far! Lucky for them Burt and Ernie were making an appearance up top.

They love this ride, Abby Cadabbies rocken wave something. Anyway this is the one kid ride that makes me the sickest! I can hardly watch them on it without getting nauseated. Jared to the rescue again♥

The kids LOVE playing at the play ground here!

I don't think we can come here and I not take a picture of the boys looking out these holes, love them!

It started to sprinkle and we were all getting hungry after that so we headed over to Rosita's Pizza place. Not great, but sometimes beggars can't be choosier's.
We did get to watch the Steel Eel Roller Coaster as we ate though.


We wanted to make the 4 o'clock show since it was guys that have been on the X games so we hurried to get good seats, and we did. But because of the rain the show was put on hold for a little bit. Liam was SOOO ornery! He scooted all the way to the end of the bench and was giving me dirty looks, too funny. 

The performers came out and were checking out the half pipe and doing little things here and there waiting to see how the rain situation was going to go, that got a smile out of Liam.

The sprinkling of rain stopped and the ramp dried up. So they started their intro. Honestly they were so much fun to watch, even if it was for about 7 min. Then the rain sprinkling started again :( Oh well, Liam was so done by then anyway.

So we headed over to the Dolphins and just made their last feeding. It doesn't matter how many times you get to feed and touch a Dolphin, it is amazing EVERY time. I didn't get any pictures of Liam feeding them as he toss's his fish in like crazy and starts a feeding frenzy between the Dolphins!

We went to wash our hands since they smelled like "EWWWW" according to Liam who took a big wiff!

I finally had to pull Avery off the wall!

Off to the Shark Aquariums, and a little air conditioning.

We had so much fun, as always! Thanks Sea World for another great Saturday!

 I snapped this picture the night before, it was too cute not to. Every morning the kids and I read scriptures. I love this, and so do the kids. The only thing missing is Liam, who is sleeping, and Jared, who is at work. So every night Jared reads with the kids. Linc is usually under his bed playing, but listening. I know this because I always ask questions about the story we have just read and he always has the right answer. So I let him play. I am so grateful to have a husband that loves the gospel as much as I do, and knows the importance of reading the scriptures as a family. I love you Jared♥

Soccer......Day 1

Last Monday the 12th Lincoln had his first Soccer practice. I signed him up for a fundamentals class at the YMCA so he could see if it's something he would like. 

Thank goodness for my Nephew that lives in N.C., we are lucky enough to get all his awesome hand me downs and Lincoln and I couldn't be happier! He wanted to go out front and practice running because now that he had cleats he just knew he was going to run SUPER fast!!

And he did!♥

They started them out by warming up with some stretches. Lincoln would not let his ball get out of his site!

Then it was time for a water break. It was so cute, he couldn't stop smiling he was having so much fun!

Jared randomly got off early and headed our way as fast as he could so he could watch Linc too. Lincoln was in heaven. Avery and Liam were pretty excited to see Dad as well♥ I must admit I too had a smile on my face when I saw him coming around the corner.

Liam even scored a ring pop!


The kids practiced all kinds of simple drills, we found out Lincoln likes to kick with his left foot??? I was told this is a good thing and not to correct him. So we didn't.  

If you look closely at his forehead you will see the remains of his beloved Harry Potter scar, his new obsession :0) He dresses up with all his friend and they run all over shooting spells at each other with their wands, or pencils, however you want to look at it :0)  I love it, but my eyeliner is running out WAY too fast! 

Lincoln absolutely LOVED soccer! He has been asking me everyday since when his next practice is. He was pretty excited when he asked me this morning and I said TODAY!!!!!