Thursday, June 24, 2010

Avery's Last Day Of School And Moving

Avery's last day of school was May 28th. She was so sad and excited all at the same time. Her class put together a cute book for her and each kid colored her a picture. We took in doughnuts for everyone to say goodbye and then she was done. She had such a great experience in Kindergarten and made some amazing friends. Her best friend would be Lily. They were so cute together, I hope she is able to find other great friends in Texas when we get there.

That night my mom got here to help us move our stuff to Texas. The next day friends from our ward came and helped us move all the box's and large things. We all worked so hard all day. Finally we left at about 9 p.m. that night. We only drove about 2 hours till we stopped and slept for the night. The next two days were filled with lots and lots of driving. Jared drove the moving truck with his car on a trailer, and the rest of us were in the van.

The kids needed to stop so we pulled off somewhere at the high school for lunch.
Liam enjoying the center of an oreo!

I just want a hug!!!

Our crazy drivers.

Liam did not like the feel of the sidewalk on his knees, so he switched it up a bit.

Our second night at a hotel.

On the 31st of May we finally arived in San Antonio!! The next day Jared and I went to the strage unit and unloaded the truck. It was a million degrees and we were in the direct sun light, of course. I had hurt my back a couple of weeks ago so I was not much help. Poor Jared did most of it with me sitting on the chair cheering him on. He is such a good man, not once did he get frustrated. It took us all day, but we got it done. My mom and the kids were at the hotel waiting for us. She was a life saver.

June 2nd, we all went to Sea World. It was 98 with 100% humidity that day, we were melting. We all lasted only 2 hours, but we got season tickets since it's only a 20 min. drive from where we will be living.

Nana and Jared took Ave and Linc on the Shamu coaster while Liam and I watched from the side.

The boy's played at the water park for a bit, just the splash pad part. They loved it and I was sad I didn't wear my swim suit, it was so hot!

We watched them feed the Gaters.

We watched the BIG roller coaster speed over and by us!

And fially we watched the Sea Lion show. The kids LOVED it! Liam just sat there with my mom and watched the whole thing too. He would get so excited when the animals would come out. We can't wait to go back.......when it's a little cooler or with our swim suits!

We then went to see our new house!!!!! It was coming along great and we can't wait to see the finished product!

The next day, June 3rd, we left for Utah. Jared dropped my mom off at the airport and then we all drove for two more days to Ogden. We arrived about 6:30 p.m. on Friday the 4th. We were all soooo glad to get out of the van!!!! Avery is under her blanket, Linc is behind the wall of stuff, they were all sound asleep. It was awesome!

We are staying in Utah till the first week of August. Jared has to be back to Texas the middle of June to go to work. I'll try to keep up the blog, but I don't have my beloved photoshop :(.