Tuesday, December 23, 2008

35 week belly and update

As the months go by I keep getting bigger and bigger. This is the biggest I have been with any of my kids and I still have like almost a month left!!!! I'm doing fine other than the normal end of pregnancy complaints. Nothing has changed with the baby as far as we know. It's still just a waiting game. We keep praying that he will stay in the "oven" until the scheduled C-section on Jan. 12th. We have decided on a name, Liam Swearingen Smith. He is going to be such a cute kid!

Family Pictures......Fianlly

So I have been wanting family pictures for almost three years now. I finally just set up the tripod and took them. I didn't want to pay to have them done since Im like 9 months pregnant!! The kids were actually way into it and had a ton of fun!
The kids are so excited for christmas, as most kids are and Jared and I are excited to have our first Christmas as a family and start some of our own traditions. Jared just finished his pediatric rotation and has the next 2 weeks off. He is doing awesome and I am so proud of him.
Avery is still loving pre-school and playing with friends. She loves making cards and drawing pictures for everyone. At night we rock in the chair and talk about whatever is on her mind. It has been quit interesting some nights.
Lincoln is such a boy. He loves his trains and his cars. He loves to jump all over jared and watch football with him. I can't wait until he is old enough to go to a game with his dad!
I am still pregnant and so thankful that I am. I have been so blessed to have this little boy and the family that I have. I have been making bows and my new love is makeing baby shoes! Jared thinks I am crazy, but I am such a project person and need them to keep my hands busy!
We love and miss you all during this holiday time, but will see you soon. Merry Christmas!

Little Drummer Boy

Lincoln has been wanting to play the drums ever since we started playing rock band with our friends. He finally got to do it and was so serious about it and totally into it!


Lincoln will just play until he passes out where ever he is! He is such a cute kid! He fell asleep under his bed one night playing with his trains, and then at the top of the stairs with his cars, then on the couch watching cartoons. I just love this kid!


We had Thanksgiving with some of our med-school friends and it was sooo much fun. I have to say that it will be one of my most memorable Thanksgivings yet! The kids ran around and played and we all ate until we were sick!

Linc's Big Boy Bed

Lincoln got a new big boy bed while my family was here and he LOVES it!!!! We got his train set all set up for him underneath it and he play's under there all the time.


So in the middle of November my two crazy aunts and mom came out for a week to help me out. We had so much fun and I was sooooo sad to see them go. They did soooo much for us while they were here. My house was spotless and they got the kids room all ready for the baby. They even got Linc his "big boy bed" which he LOVES and was sooo excited about! While they were here Avery wanted to give us all make-overs. It was so funny to watch her and Linc put make-up on all of us. Linc gave a few of us a sweet unibrow! I miss you three and I can't wait to see you in a few months!

Nana's Big Party

While my mom and aunts were all here we had a birthday party for her. She turned 50 this year and still looks amazing! The kids picked out the decorations on the cake, are they "special" or what!