Saturday, October 10, 2009

Liam's Spinal Surgery

Liam had his Spinal Cord un-tethered on September 29th. The surgery was a little more complicated than the surgeon thought but it went well and was a success. We just pray that is wont re-tether. Jared's mom flew out to help with the kids so we could stay at the hospital with Liam the whole time. Thank goodness for Morphine because he was feeling this surgery. He had to stay flat for the first two days. He could roll from side to side but that was it. I felt so bad for him when we had to roll him onto his side. He got to the point that he would freak out everytime anyone other than Jared or I came into the room in fear that they were going to move him. It was a long first two days and nights. On the third day we got to hold him! Things were tender but as long as he had the Tylenol with Codeine he did great. By the end of that day we were walking the halls with him and he was smiling again. With everything that this sweet baby has gone through and has to go through, I can't believe he is still the happiest little guy ever!!! We can all learn sooo much from someone so small.

Liam before he went back to surgery, he was so mad because we couldn't feed him. His little hospital outfit was so cute, I totally brought it home to add to his memory box.

He had a hard time waking up after all was said and done, but as soon as he got the pain meds he was off to slumber land. It was so hard not being able to hold him then.

By the second night he was doing a little better, but not much. Day three was a lot better, we would roll him onto his side and set up the lap top with baby eintstein videos and he would suck his thumb and watch the whole movie. We got to come home the morning of day four and he was soooo ready! He loved playing with his IV.

Here he is watching his movie. Here is his cute little bum and his incision, it was a lot longer than I thought it was going to be. He can't have a "real" bath for a month, just a sponge bath. Liam is not a fan :)

Liam finally out of bed :)


This month was full of zoo trips and D.C. trips with friends. Most importantly Avery started school!!!! My mom flew out to be with us for Ave's first day. She was sooo nervous the whole way there and I had to stand in line with her until they walked into the school. Yes, I cried. I did wait till she was gone though. When it came time to pick her up she was all smiles and full of life again, she LOVED it!!!!

Picking Ave up from school, she had such a great time! After dinner and when Jared got home we all went to frosted rock for some ice cream, it doesn't get much better than that.

More Of September

Lincoln also started preschool this month. He was so excited to wear his new transformer back pack! He had such a great time and would go every day if he could.

So one day when I was taking Linc and his friend Nate to school I was listening to their conversation, it went like this.
Linc: Hey Nate, my dad is pretty tall.
Nate: Ya, mine too.
Linc: where is your dad?
Nate: He's at work, where is your dad?
Linc: He's at home in his garments.
How I love these kids!!!

Wedding blues

My brother Jesse was getting married on September 19th in Oregon. I was so excited to go. Avery was one of the flower girls and Linc was the ring bearer. We got the dress, made the bow, got the suit rented the tie, we were ready. My mom and little brother who is now 6'5"!!!!!! Creed flew out the night before we were to leave to help me with the kids on the plane. I went and picked them up at the airport at 11:30 that night. Jared and the kids were at home asleep. We got back to the house and Jared was standing there with Liam and he says, "Well, that time Liam threw up was not a fluke because Lincoln just puked all over me." My mom and Creed and I went up to see them. All night long the kids threw up! The puke would not stop coming, I would help Linc while he threw up and then Ave would start so mom would be with her and then Liam would wake up and cry but we couldn't get him since we had our hands full. I think I washed every towel and blanket we owned that night. To make a long story somewhat short we didn't go to the wedding. Everyone there sent me pictures and kept me updated as things were happening, Thanks Anita and Dad! So Jess and Nicole I love you two so much and I am so glad that you are in our crazy family Nicole! I took pictures of the kids in all their stuff before we had to return Lincolns tie, they are so dang cute!!!!!


My good friend Antoinette and her cute daughter Grace came out to see us for a week! I had been looking forward for this visit for months. So they get here Tuesday and the next day I was taking Ave to school and the van started like jumping and not driving well at all!!! I got home and Liam had his pre op appointment as he was having spinal surgery the next week. I called a tow truck for the van and thank goodness my sweet friend came to my rescue and took Liam and I to his appointment (thank you Christina!). So here we are with no car and of course Jared ends up being on call that night and has a presentation the next day and all his stuff is here at the house. So we load up the kids in strollers and walk to the metro. We get Jared his stuff and we get the car keys to the awesome Mazda. We pack 2 adults and four kids into the car and pray nobody knows! So the van was gone the whole time she was here and that meant we were stuck at home until Jared came home. I felt so bad, but Annie was a trooper! We did a ton of girl stuff that I never get to do and we had so much fun. Then she got sick......again (this happened last time she came). But I did manage to get a sweet pic of her without her even knowing, I love ya Antoinette!!! I miss her so much and am so glad that she came. Where would we be without GREAT friends. Love ya Annie!

We also said good bye to our beloved turtle of two and a half years :0( Jared took turtle and the two giant goldfish to a pond we picked out and set them free. We are moving in about 7 months and can't take him with us and I wanted him to get used to the weather change. The funny part is the kids didn't even know he was gone for like a week! Anybody want a nice 30 gallon aquarium with total set up!?

August 2009!

August was sooo HOT!!! We spent a week in N.C. and had a ton of fun. There were a TON of these little frogs every where so the kids were all over it! Jared flew out Saturday and drove home with us the next day. It was nice to have a whole day with him. He has been doing crazy rotations so he has not been home very often. But when he is the kids wanted to go to the pool with him. Pretty much this month we spent EVERY day at the pool! We loved it when our friends would come with us too!
N.C. Fun!

Back home
My sweet little Liam also LOVED the water. I was kind of hoping he wouldn't like it at all just because he can't get his colostomy or ureterostomy bags wet as they will come off. But since he did love it I found a way for him to enjoy the water too. I would use waterproof tape and tape all around both bags, put a regular diaper on him, then a plastic diaper cover, and then a swim diaper. Each time he got out of the water I would put on a dry regular diaper and swim diaper. The whole process took a good 25 min. and would last most of the day at the pool. To watch him be able to play in the water like everyone else and to see his huge smile made the whole process worth it!!!

July 2009

We had such a fun and busy July! We stayed here in town for the 4th and the kids loved the fire works but got bored with them and wanted to go home early, I was very ok with that. My Cousins kids, Abbey and Aiden, stayed a week with us so we showed them the town. Thank goodness for our pool as it is sooo hot here!!

More swimming, farm stuff, and the drive back to North Carolina!