Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Rest Of September!

On September 23rd Liam and I and met some friends at the gym for open play. This was the first time I had taken Liam and oh my goodness he was in heaven! Every Friday this gym has open play for an hour and a half and the kids pretty much do whatever they want and run all over the place.  Liam loves to jump so he spent most of his time on the trampoline, but checked everything else out too.

With Liam's little body not having a lot of stomach muscles I worry about him falling. If he bends backwards a bit too much then he can't bring himself forward and will just fall. He does amazing though and knows his limitations. He depends on his back muscles a lot so I hope he never has a bad back. Watching him figure out how to get out of the foam pit was so cute. He would not let me help him♥

Liam had so much fun and wouldn't leave when our time was up, so we were the very last ones to leave. We have 9 more passes so I'm sure we will be here a lot!

Later that night Avery had the 2nd grade pot luck dinner. There are 3 classes and there were a TON of people. We sat in the back next to food, of course, and thank goodness we did because the line was crazy long! Avery would zip all over the place gathering all kinds of fun things. Each class had made a hat according to their class animal and also practiced their class cheer. Avery's class were the roosters and their hats were seriously adorable! 

Ave and her cute friend Eleana♥

After all the classes did their little cheers, they all got together for the school song. 

Right before the song and during I could hear someones kid crying and throwing a fit, it was honestly so annoying. So I looked to see what was going on and sure enough, it was my kid of course! Liam wanted one of the rooster hats sooooo bad and was over by the big silver box trying to get one when Linc went over and was trying to bring him back to us! Liam was screaming and would not stand up so Linc decided to just drag him!! Right after that Liam went running full speed towards the tables the food was on. You know when you can see what is going to happen, but just are not fast enough to prevent it? Sure enough Liam SMACKED the table with his face, the force of the blow knocked him off his feet and right onto his back! It was so time to leave by then. He was fine, just a little bloody lip, I honestly thought we were in for another ER trip with how hard he hit the table. When Ave came back she let Liam wear her hat and he was in heaven. Can't wait for the next pot luck!

The next day was Saturday, so of course we went back to Sea World. It is still sooo hot here and the water park is closed, but then have an amazing splash pad! Liam likes pools, but not so much splash pads. He doesn't like the fact that he gets sprayed. Jared took him around for a bit while I followed the other two. 

I'm not even going to ask.

Then it was my turn with Liam so we went to the top and saw Cookie Monster!! 

While we were up there Liam looked down and saw Big Bird so of course we had to go see him too.

When we got up to him Liam wanted nothing to do with him, he wouldn't even touch him!

The X-Game's People were still there so we went back to watch the show since it wasn't raining this time. 

Jared and Linc were finally able to ride the water ride. Lincoln was sooo excited, he is my little dare devil. While Jared and Linc waited in Line, Ave, Liam, and I went down to watch them. Avery wanted to stand in the splash area and had soooo much fun getting drenched each time a boat would fly down! Liam wanted nothing to do with it. He would go by Ave, but as soon as I told him a boat was coming he would run as fast as he could to me so he wouldn't get sprayed, such a doll!

Linc wanted to do it again, but it was time to keep moving! He loved it♥

We had so much fun, again, and can't wait for next month when all the Halloween stuff comes out!

One of Liam most prized possessions  is the Primary Song Book. We sing from it everyday and he walks around carrying it and singing at the top of his lungs, but if you look at him he will immediately stop singing! It is seriously the cutest thing ever.  Don't mind all the kids and the laundry in the back ground, it was laundry day and our house is the neighborhood hang out. 

The last day of September I was asked to host a bow making night for the girls in our ward. It was soooo much fun! We are missing some ladies in this picture, but I can't wait till we can do it again! We were here till 1:45a.m. when we made ourselves go home and to bed♥

September was a blast and I can't wait for October!