Thursday, April 15, 2010

Another Surgery For Liam

Yesterday we met with Liam's Urologist very quickly. He told us that he looked at his scan and saw that there was some scarring on his right kidney and that he wants him to get a VCGU scan. This will check his reflux on his kidneys. The last time they did this scan Liam was 6 months old and he was at a grade 3, grade five is the highest and needs surgery. His Urologist is worried about his Kidneys and hopes to protect them. He is wanting to see how the scan goes and then talk about surgically correcting this sooner than later. We get the scan done and meet with the Urologist on May 6th. We are moving the last weekend of the same month so I don't know what we are going to do as of now. I guess we pray and wait until we have the scan done and hope that it all works out for the best. Faith is our best friend as it has not failed us yet. Please keep him in your prayers.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Kidney Scan for Liam

This past Wednesday Liam had to go back to the Children's Hospital in D.C. for a DMSA scan of his kidneys. We had to be there at 7:30 a.m. which meant we had to leave home by 6:30. Poor Liam was already hungry but couldn't eat or drink anything from 1 a.m. on. The plan was to get there at 7:30, inject the dye at 8, scan at 10 and be done by 11:00. Sounded pretty routine. Of course we got there on time to find that there is a world wide shortage of the dye he needed and they wouldn't have any until 11. So we walked around and went to the main lobby since we had 3 and a half hours to kill, with no food mind you.

We walked up and down the stairs.....

Colored some pictures and then tried to eat them.......

After a while a group of about 20 kids that were patients there came to watch a movie. They were so cute! I heard one adult announce that it was snack time and when I looked up she was pulling out a thing of crackers. I started to put all of our things away as fast as I could, but Liam spotted the crackers and started to reach his little hand out and say "dis dis dis" as fast and as loud as he could. It broke my heart. Once I got him strapped we walked some more. Finally it was 11 and the dye was in. They had to poke his little hand to inject the dye. Liam was not happy about this as I am sure his last hospitalization was still fresh on his mind. One of the nurses was so cute, she gave him a talking cookie monster and he loved it. We had another hour and 15min. to kill after that.

By 11:45 Liam gave in and just fell asleep.

At 12:15 they gave him the stuff that puts him to sleep. About 15 min. later he was awake but was fighting sleep. I laid him on the table and waited with my head next to his, or else he would cry, until he fell asleep.

They finished one scan and then had to do another since one of his Kidneys is in his pelvis. He woke up the last min. and 40 seconds. Thank goodness they called it good. We went to recovery and he spotted my diaper bag. He was going crazy trying to get to it, because he knew there was food in it. I gave him his cup with 8 oz. of water in it and he sucked it dry in 2 seconds! He did good with it so they let us go. By then it was 3p.m. As soon as I put him in his car seat I gave him a roll and gold fish crackers. He ate everything by the time I made it to pick up Ave and Linc, poor guy. Thank you Kim for taking them, you are the best and I am going to miss you desperately.

We go in to see his Urologist on the 14th for the results. Keep your fingers crossed that his kidneys are ok.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter

Our Easter Egg Hunt almost didn't happen! We were on our way back from San Antonio house hunting (another post)and pulled in at 12:30 a.m. Sunday morning. Thanks to my awesome mom, mother in law, and grandma Hadfield we had stuff to hunt for! My mom put together all the eggs to hunt and some extra fun stuff, which the kids loved. They had so much fun, thank you all for saving the day!
For breakfast I made blue egg shaped pancakes and let the kids decorate them with food coloring and milk. They loved it! Avery's are on top and then Linc wanted an all orange egg. He was into painting his breakfast! (If you want to see the pictures larger just click on them)

After a while we had our Easter egg hunt. I told the kids to wait inside while Dad went out and "talked to the Easter bunny." Avery was soooo into it. It will be a sad day when Holiday reality hits this kid.

What can I say, he loved the green ones and I had to take pictures of him and his egg's. He is such a nut!

Liam wanted Avery's pink egg so bad! He was more excited about the plastic eggs than anything else. He kept trying to put them together and spent about an hour playing with them. It was awesome!