Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter

Our Easter Egg Hunt almost didn't happen! We were on our way back from San Antonio house hunting (another post)and pulled in at 12:30 a.m. Sunday morning. Thanks to my awesome mom, mother in law, and grandma Hadfield we had stuff to hunt for! My mom put together all the eggs to hunt and some extra fun stuff, which the kids loved. They had so much fun, thank you all for saving the day!
For breakfast I made blue egg shaped pancakes and let the kids decorate them with food coloring and milk. They loved it! Avery's are on top and then Linc wanted an all orange egg. He was into painting his breakfast! (If you want to see the pictures larger just click on them)

After a while we had our Easter egg hunt. I told the kids to wait inside while Dad went out and "talked to the Easter bunny." Avery was soooo into it. It will be a sad day when Holiday reality hits this kid.

What can I say, he loved the green ones and I had to take pictures of him and his egg's. He is such a nut!

Liam wanted Avery's pink egg so bad! He was more excited about the plastic eggs than anything else. He kept trying to put them together and spent about an hour playing with them. It was awesome!


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can I be like you one day!!!! you are the best mom ever!