Monday, November 17, 2008

Smart Cycle

My awesome aunt got this "smart cycle" for the kids for Christmas and I had to give it to them early. I love it, they love it, and I am able to sit and rest without them going crazy. They are on it all the time! It's like a video game but they ride the bike and learn all kinds of things. It's great!

Where Is Dad?

So those of you who have been wondering how Jared gets sleep around here working these crazy hours at the hospital, this is how. Just lay down on the couch and let the kids do whatever they want!!! Yes, Jared is under all that!

Halloween Pictures.....Finally!

Ok so I am way slow on getting these posted but here they are! Lincoln was Mr. Incredible and Avery was Christmas Bell (Beauty and the Beast). We had so much fun at our wards trunk or treat party. Then on Halloween we went with our friends and trick or treated. The kids loved it, of course, and Lincoln would tell everyone who he was. I love these two!

jared giving some tips on the bean bag toss game.

Lincoln was soooo dang cute in his costume!! To bad we lost the mask:(

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Exercise Queen!

Ok so the other night Avery had my excersize ball and asked if she could do one of my work out videos. She has never asked to do this before so I thought sure, why not, I'm obviously not using them. She got out my hand weights and cleared the rug in front of the T.V. She was so into it!!! The camera is shaking because I was laughing so dang hard!!!!!! My life would be so borring without these two monkeys!! Make sure you turn off our music at the right so you can hear the videos:)

Fun With Grandma Julie!

Jared's mom came out for a week last month and it was so nice to have her! She was such a great help with the kids and I got to have some down time. She came with tons of fun Halloween decorations and crafts for the kids. We went to cox farms one day where they have all these fun giant slides, a hay ride, baby goats, and the giant pumpkin! Lincoln LOVED the goats!!! I told him to hold out his hand and let them smell it. He was all over it and doing it to every goat he came upon. He was so cute, he said they were all his friends! We had a great time and it took Avery about a week to stop crying for her grandma after she left. Thank you so much Julie and we will see you in January!