Friday, June 3, 2011

February 2011

We started the month of with a freak snow storm? Apparently it hasn't snowed here in 8 years. Glad we could move here for this record breaking event :( So the funny thing was the whole city shut down!! The airport, freeways, schools. It was crazy having been born and raised in Utah. But under "all that snow" it was sheets of black ice so I can kind of see their point, a little. The kids were so excited though! Avery wanted to go sledding so bad. So we ghetto styled it with a black garbage bag, worked like a charm. By the end of the day it had all melted, thank goodness. That was the only time we saw snow this year and it was GLORIOUS!! Not a fan of the white stuff if you can't tell ;0)

In school Avery celebrated 100 days of school and made an awesome hat! She also learned about Chinese New year, I love the mask and hat. She brought home the Chinese calendar so she could tell us all what our animal was, Linc loved it!
At preschool Lincolns class also celebrated his birthday! I can't believe he is turning 5! We brought sugar cookies to celebrate, I love this kid♥

Those of you who know me know that I love to bake and cook, I would actually LOVE to go to culinary school. But until then I have three awesome helpers to help me out in the kitchen! Nothing like cooking with Mom and cuddling with Dad♥ Yes he did just get up for the day, looking good babe!

February 14th - Lincolns 5th birthday and Valentines Day!!!
My beautiful roses from my hunny! I love him so♥
Every Valentines Day I get a dozen mylar red heart balloons for the kids to wake up to. I usually tie them to the kitchen chairs and leave their Valentine on the table, but Liam had way too much fun with them and wanted them all, of course. I made a pink breakfast complete with pink milk, the kids love it!

After that it's all Linc for the rest of the day. Val, Scarlet, and Sophie came over that afternoon to give Linc a present, he was so excited.

That night, when Jared finally got home, we celebrated as a family with our good friends and neighbors the Holt's. I made strawberry shortcake and Linc opened up a few gifts. Of course Lego's were involved, and yes, Jared was very excited. He Loves them as much a Linc.

So my family in Utah were all getting together for a surprise 80th birthday party for my grandma. We wanted to be there so so so bad, but it wasn't in the pocket book for us. My aunt was putting together a video of everyone wishing grandmas a happy birthday. So since we already had cake and a candle I had the kids sing to her while I recorded it for grandmas. We were laughing so hard at Liam. I have the cutest kids ever! Happy 80th Grandma! We love you♥

One of my favorite things is when little kids put on their parents shoes. I loved wearing my Grandma Toners fancy shoes, and my mom's big furry boots that honestly had a buffalo pelt on each!
Liam has chosen to sport my sweet slippers! Stepping off that one step was a bit harder in mom's shoes than he anticipated, such a stud!

What do you do in February when dad has the day off? Go to the ZOO!! It was such a beautiful day so while Ave was in school we headed to the zoo. Val and the girls were able to come along with us, things are alway fun with good friends.

The kids helped the zoo lady decorate the bag for the monkeys to eat out of. They also helped put their snack together. Linc and Sophia loved it. Liam was busy smashing his face on the glass. Yep, that's my kid!

Liam with his signature thumb sucking move, we really need to find another place for that finger.

Our house had become the neighborhood hangout house. Mostly is good, but it has it's days. The kids were bored so we decided to make some play dough! Always a hit♥

We decided to make some red velvet cupcakes just because they sounded good. I didn't get any pictures of the actual cupcakes, but I did have some good helpers with the mess they left behind!

Linc learned how to ride a two wheel bike! BIG day! He was so proud of himself and was so cute concentrating. Jared came home early that day and was able to see him. He learned on the neighbors little bike, later that day we took his training wheels off his big bike and away he went!

Finally on the 26th Jared had a day off. So that meant it was time for Linc's birthday party. We got his cake at the grocery store and brought it home. He was so excited! When I opened up the cake I about died. It read, Happy Birthday Linda!!!! Honestly, I couldn't have said his name more clearly when the lady asked. I even said "like the president". Avery noticed and kept trying to tell Lincoln. Little stinker, thank goodness I stopped her before it was too late. Linc didn't notice and even if he did, I don't think he would have cared. Happy Birthday Linda, we love you!

This kid has a million looks, he kills me :0) He picked out his birthday balloons and since he wanted star wars as the theme he HAD to have this monster Darth Vader balloon. I think he would have slept with it had I let him.

Linc had 3 friends over and that was just right. I didn't have to do much, all they wanted to do was smack the balloons and play light sabers. Done! They did play a mean game of freeze dance per Linc's request, of course.

We can't have a party without a piñata. We found a big Darth Vader one but I refused to spend $50 on a piñata. Linc picked out the little turtle in memory of our pet turtle, slash, back in Virginia. I love that at any party Avery picks out a "special party dress" I love having a girly girl!

Time for "Linda's" cake :D

And then they played and opened presents.

After the friends had left Linc and Jared put together his Lego's, they were in heaven.