Monday, August 8, 2011

June 2011

We started the month off by driving 24 hours to Utah, crazyness, and yet this is the 2nd time we have done this. Jared had a week vacation and it was so nice just to have him with us all the time, even though half of it was in the van♥
The day after we got there we went to the Dinosaur Museum in Ogden. The kids LOVE this place and are so excited just to be with their cousins!

Liam was so scared of the huge Dinosaur you have to pass under to get to the other side! He wouldn't go near it, it was so funny. Thank goodness Grandma was there to rescue him and bring him safely under the "big dinosaur"!

The kids love this tree slide!

My sister in law Amber was ready to burst, poor thing! She had little baby Targee a few days later. He is so so cute! My sweet niece Abby looking cute as ever♥

Jared and his dad comparing iphone apps, horsey rides with Papa, and Liam overcoming his fear of the "BIG Dinosaur". We had such a fun time there, thanks Grandma and Papa!

The next day we went to the Tree House Museum. I know I took at least 100 pictures but can't find them anywhere :(! The kids had a TON of fun and played on everything. My mom called and couldn't wait to see the kids any longer so she joined us for the last half. It was so good to see her! After that mom left and the rest of us went over to Iggy's for some lunch.

The next day we went to the zoo. So it was 4 adults(Jared's parents, he and I) and 6 kids(Our three nephews and our kids) and it was awesome! Especially when we lost Brandon! Luckily Jared found him and all was right again. We went to go to the park to let the kids play and the prairy dog exhibit is right there. They had all these cute little babies. The kids of course had to stick their heads in the little things? They said it was so cute, the babies were right there! So what do I do, yup, I go and stick my head in the thing. Please keep in mind the is and exhibit for animals that poop all day and then the sun shines on it....all day. Let's just say I didn't stay long.

Waiting for the Elephant show to start. The kids were oh so excited!

They were making a new exhibit so there was a ton of construction going on. They stuck a random sand pit with little digger toys. Honestly the kids would have stayed there forever if we would have let them. But as fun as it was watching them dig a hole, it was time to keep going.

Liam LOVED the Dinosaurs! Carson and Logan were so cute with Liam. They would make sure he was ok and that he got to see all that he wanted to see. It was like having 2 more big brothers♥

The boys kept trying to get a ride without us noticing. I think it was the extra
100+ lbs. that gave them away, nice try though boys!

Soon we had 6 hungry kids on our hands. Thanks to Grandma and Papa we were fed, and since we were with Papa the kids new they would get some ice cream!

Then we were off to see more animals! It doesn't matter how many time a child has seen a monkey, snake, or turtle, they are still just as fascinated as if they were seeing it for the first time. I loved watching Liam rediscover and discover new animals.

I LOVE this picture. It's what summers should be like, being with family and having the time of your life! I am so glad my kids have such great cousins to grow up with♥

A trip to Utah would not be the same if we didn't get to go to Beus Pond with Grandma to feed the Ducks. The kids absolutely love it and it's so pretty there.

After we fed the ducks we walked to the park to play. My adorable little Nephew, Dillon, kept trying to hold Liam's hand and pick him up. He thinks Liam is a baby since he is shorter than him, even though they were born on the same day! Liam's not a fan of this, but I think it is too cute♥

I love hearing this little boy talk!

My sister in law, Amber, had just had her second little boy Targee. I wanted to hear Dillon say his name and it was so dang cute!

Those of you who know my Avery know's that she can not walk by any flower without picking it! She sees so much beauty in everything♥

On June 8th my little brother turned 21! Happy birthday Sage! We all went to Chelsi's place on the 10th to celebrate. I seriously can't believe he is 21. I love you so much Sage!

The next day we headed back to the Valley to the best petting farm there is! We went here last year for the first time and the kids LOVED it! So of course we had to go back!

So there was this one baby goat that was honestly the cutest goat I had ever seen! Apparently Lincoln thought so too. It was like the "baby chick" at his preschool trip all over again. He came and found me and asked me a hundred times to take his picture with this goat! How could I not, so cute!! The kids were in heaven with this sweet thing and wanted to bring it home, of course♥

My personal favorite, the piglets! Honestly if we wern't planning on moving in 3 years I would have adopted one of those pot belly pig's (photo 1)! We had one growing up and she was the best pet ever! I was smitten♥

Last but not least, horse back riding! Each kid gets a lap on the horse and the kids LOVE it! Ave and Linc were pros this time around. But I would have to say that this is Dillon's favorite part of the trip! He does not like to get off the horse.

We had so much fun there, the kids did not want to leave! Thanks Papa and Grandma for another amazing day!

After the farm we headed up to see my mom. The kids were dying to take her dogs for a walk, so of course she said Let's go! Jared and stood side by side and said, "You have fun with that"! They pretty much walked to the top of the street and came right back down! It was awesome :D

Before Jared had to fly back to Texas we had family pictures done. My very talented friend Dani with Simply Art Photography did our pictures. I love how they turned out! It was so much fun being with her and being able to catch up on so many missed years. She also photographs many of my bows from my shop, Jared was such a sport and the kids were troopers! Thanks Dani for a fun evening and for the BEAUTIFUL pictures!

Liam was a bit fussy and wanted gold fish. So we gave him some♥

Jared left to go home and I miss him soooo much! My two brothers came the next day and that made it much better♥ I was so excited my sister in law, Nicole, was able to come out the following day! I love her. We were having a small reunion dinner at my mom's house so we were all helping her get ready. We had my niece and nephew, Zaida and Hendryx, for the day and the kids had a ball together. My other two little brothers and their dad built a fish pond in my mom's back yard. All the kids and my brothers were moving the fish from one pond to the next. It was the funniest thing ever! The kids would literally toss those poor fish up and over into the pond! Thank goodness we only lost one tiny gold fish in this process.

It was so much fun being with my two brothers and my mom. That night we stayed up WAY late laughing and talking. My poor kids were so tired and ended up putting themselves to bed. Ya, mother of the year right here! I walked in our room and Liam had crawled in bed with Linc. All 3 were out like a light. They were so cute, I love them more than they will ever realize.

The next day Nicole, my beautiful sister in law flew in from Oregon. My Step mom, whom I also ADORE, was able to come out early for work! Couldn't have planned that business trip better if we had tried! So we all headed over to my grandma Logan's. One thing you can count on at grandmas is a drawer full of dress up upstairs and a closet full of the best toys ever! So the little wooden toy that Linc is playing with has been a long time favorite of all of us since we were his age. My wonderful late grandpa made it for us. You put the little wooden cylinders in one end and hammer. As one goes in, one pops out the other end. Genius! Well Uncle Jesse and Uncle T decided to have Linc go to the top of the stairs and they would aim the toy at him and then hammer a peg in a hard as they could so one would not "pop" out the end but "shoot" out the end clear up to the top of the stairs. Linc's job was to dodge the flying peg!! Boy's never grow up! But they are good Uncles, they all took their turn at the top of the stairs. P.S. Don't mind Liam in the background with a colostomy bag about ready to burst off!! Where is that kids mother anyway???

Avery came running in and wanting Grandma Carrie to come and roll down the hill out back with her. So grandma being the amazing grandma she is went and rolled down the hill.......and manged to roll over the ONLY mud pile in the whole huge backyard! Ave thought this was too funny!
Me and my beautiful Grandma, Oh how I love you so very much gram♥♥♥ And your welcome Nicole for posting that picture of me so yours looks good ;0) Honestly, my sister in law is one of the most gorgeous people I know! Me being the other one. Sorry, I couldn't resist!

If you know my grandma then you know how she LOVES things that sing, shimmy, and just make noise! Ave and Linc thought this santa hat was way too funny how it sang and flipped from one side to the next. Of course they thought it was even funnier when it would flip to one side smacking Lincoln in the head. Whatever makes you happy kiddos!

The next day was the day the family reunion began. Most of our family lives in other states or countries and wasn't able to make it. All of you were truly missed. But if you know our family, half of them are friends that have been adopted in over the years. I have to say that I have one of thee funnest families EVER!!! One thing that I love are my Uncles♥ Here my uncle Steve is giving Liam a little advise on how to properly throw a dirt claud, something every boy should now how to do.

My sweet mom made about 75 of the yummiest enchiladas ever! Just one kind wouldn't do it for her, she had 3 different kinds and all of them to die for! Apparently Liam was little hungry and decided to give the door frame a try. What can you do but take a picture! We all pitched in to get the food together and got everyone fed. I didn't get a ton of pictures because I was having way too much fun mingling with everyone.

Anita, grandma and my cousins cute girl friend. My adorable grandpa, uncle Steve, and cousin Shawn -Love them! And of course you can't have a party unless you have a gas powered pull start blender made from a weed whacker for hunting trips!!!! Yes my friends, that's how we roll. You will notice my grandpa admiring this fine piece of equipment, grandma you know Christmas is just around the corner ;0)

My auntie Anita had her friend make a family tree cake. The main tree had grandma and grandpa on it (it fell apart on the trip over :( But still way cute) and each family had their cupcake branches. It was such a cute idea, we all loved it!

Having some fun with some of the cutest kids ever! My Uncle being the biggest kid in the bunch♥

My Dad flew in that evening so Avery and Lincoln made signs for him and went with Grandma to the airport to pick him up. It was honestly the cutest thing ever, they were so excited and Avery worked so hard on making her sign perfect, and it was! The next day was Fathers day and I was so blessed to be able to be with my dad! Not only me, but my two brothers were together with him. I can't remember the last time that had happened. I love you Dad♥
So my dad and Carrie brought the three kids their own fishing poles, they loved them. When I was younger we would all go to Lake Mead in the summer and my dad and brothers would fish. We mostly caught blue gills, but those weekends at the Lake are one of my most treasured memories as a kid. So watching my dad with my kids was awesome!

Soon the sun started to set and it was time for some smores! I didn't get a ton of pictures because I was too worried Liam was going to fall in the fire pit.

The next day we were all meeting at East Canyon for a little R and R and of course fun. Honestly that bean bag toss game was so much fun!
My two cute grandmas♥

The kids wanted to go swimming so bad, so we went. It was way too cold for me to get in. I didn't last long in my suit, I went back and put on my sweats and jacket! Utah is officially WAY too cold for me!!

Some crazy OLD men and their dogs.

My poor Avery spiked a random fever after swimming :( So of course her Nana, Great Auntie's and Great Grandmother all sat with her while she took some Tylenol, laid down and watched Bambi and eventually fell asleep. When she woke up she was feeling much better and her fever was gone, thank goodness.

Cutest identical twins ever! Niki you are an amazing mother!

I don't know who was more excited to ride the four wheeler's, the kids or the bigger kids! It was so much fun to have my little brother that is almost 6'6" come out. I love you Creed!

Most of the crew that day. We had such a fun day hanging out and of course eating!

The next day my two brothers had to go back home. It was so good to spend so much time with them as they live in Nevada and Oregon. I miss them every day♥
T with Grandma and Grandpa.

Avery wanted to take some pictures so I gave her my camera. It's always fun and interesting when I upload my pictures to see what she has captured. I Love this one of Lincoln. I also love the one of Grandma's M&M dispenser. Every kid loves that one, not just because there is candy in it, but because it's the funnest thing to pull the leaver, then pull the drawer out to see what you got!

Here is the picture Link took :0) Love him!

The next evening Grandma and Grandpa came out and Mom put together an egg hunt for the kids. Yes, I know it's the latter half of June but what the heck! They were so excited they could hardly stand it! Liam loved it, of course. A tradition with my grandpa is he hides an egg in his shirt pocket for the littlest one. For years I watched my little brother T pull out an egg, then it was Avery's turn. Linc didn't get the opportunity since we lived in Virginia and wasn't able to be home during Easter, but he got a turn today even though he wasn't the littlest. It was Liam's turn since he was my littlest, I love my grandparents so so much! Then Grandma had to get in on the action, Linc thought it was hilarious!
After all the egg's had been found the kids wanted us to rehide them and do it again! We hid a few, but then it was getting too dark. They had a ball!

A couple days later my Aunt Kathy on my Dad's side of the fam called. She was here from Omaha and wanted to get together. Of course this was the best phone call of the day! I was watching my best friends two kiddos, whom I love as my own♥, so Kathy,Amy (cousin in law?) and her adorably funny little Brody all came out to my mom's. I know I have said this before, but I love my family! Brandon, Amy, and Brody were able to come out to D.C. and stay with us for a while. I LOVED it!! We had pizza and soda and got caught up on how everyone was doing. The kids ran through sprinklers and loved it! There is nothing better than running through the sprinklers with friends, shoving your face full of pizza, and chugging soda! Thanks again Auntie Kathy and Amy, that made our day!

Four days later it was time to head South! We had so much fun. This just touched on some of the stuff that we did. Sleep overs with Grandma and Papa Smith with cousins, building sand box's big enough for 3 adults and 4 kids to play in with plenty of room, and much much more! We can't wait till next summer when it's time to go back. My mom was the lucky winner that got to make the 24 hours drive back to San Antonio with me and my 3 crazy kids! I know, she is so lucky ;0) My mom brought little flight kit's for the kids and there were these sleep masks. They had way too much fun with them.
Avery looks so excited to be in the van for the long haul again.
June was awesome! Utah was cold, but beautiful from all the rain! Seeing Jared was the highlight, we missed him♥