Saturday, October 20, 2012

Our Blog Has Moved!

Since blogger only allows you to have so much "free" space before you have to pay a monthly fee, I decided to look into other blog sights to see what was out there as far as fee and available space. Typepad was the best option for me, so I have moved our blog! This blog will still be here, but if you would like to keep up with us then head on over to

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

April 2012

April 4th 2012
I love April! Probably because I love Easter so much. There is nothing sweeter than watching little kids hunt for eggs and get so excited with every one that they find! A bunch of us got together for a potluck egg hunt at a friends house. There were so many kids, it was so much fun. Avery and Lincoln were at school so it was just Liam and I. I have enjoyed all this one on one time with him during the day before the baby gets here.

Nothing like coming back home, kicking your feet up, turning on a show, and eating your findings :)

April 6th 2012
I LOVE the weather here in Texas!!! It's the beginning of April and we have been in flip flops and shorts for a while PLUS a water day on the tramp! Doesn't get much better than that.

Lincoln is getting so tall and skinny! Hard to imagine he was such a chubby baby that he didn't walk until almost 15 months!

I love these kids! Avery and Linc are so good with Liam. They make sure they don't bounce too high by him, and help him when he needs it. He adores his big sis and brother♥  Avery and her weird smile, I guess every kid has one right?

April 7th 2012
The next day it was time for the annual Easter Egg Hunt that a church in Leon Springs put on. They do such a great job and every thing is free, even better! They have egg hunts by age group, games, treats, and lunch! We go every year. But every year something happens with Linc and he gets mad and won't hunt for eggs. I can't remember what it was this year, I'm sure it was something horrible ;). 

First up to hunt eggs is Liam, I don't think he was excited enough ;) He is such a ham, and the only one who lets me take a million pictures of. Avery gets mad now every time I get the camera out, Linc is 50/50.

I didn't get any pictures of Linc since he refused to hunt eggs......again, and Avery's age group is so fast and crazy there is no way to even get one picture in! 
After the hunt we went to get some treats! Cotton candy, Avery and I's personal favorite♥

Liam wanted a snow cone and had to wait, heaven forbid! So that is why the sad face.

A happy boy. We played a few games, ate some lunch and then headed home! All in all we had a fantastic day!

April 8th 2012
Time to color our eggs and get ready for the Easter Bunny! When I was little I loved to color the eggs, but hated to eat them. My kids are just the opposite, they LOVE hard boiled eggs. Especially Linc! So we colored almost 3 dozen!

Liam decided he wanted to be naked baby :) You can see his colostomy bag coming out of his hernia belt. This belt has saved us so much trouble! He has a larger hernia above his stoma which would made his colostomy bag come off daily!! You can imagine what a pain this was for us and for my sweet Liam. So our medical rep. recommended this company that makes hernia support belts, I called and talked with the man and got all Liam's measurements and put in an order. Our insurance wont pay for it, of course, but its a must have for little man. Now his bag stays on for 3 to 4 days at a time and is awesome!!! It holds his hernia in so he doesn't have as much pain. Poor kid was holding his side a lot because of the pressure :(

April 8th 2012
Easter Sunday!!
We have 9:00 church so the kids were not too happy that they had to wait till later for the Easter Bunny. I made the boys their tie's and they turned out so cute! I couldn't find any to match Avery's dress so thank you Pinterest for a great pattern!
My poor Avery has such sensitive eyes when it comes to the sun, but she was a good sport and tried her hardest to look at the camera. 

First Jared hides the kids baskets somewhere in the house/garage and the kids have to find them. If they are having a hard time then Dad will give them little hints, but he hides them pretty good.
Liam enjoying all of our favorite Easter candy, Cadberry eggs!

What is Easter with out a chicken that poops gum eggs?

Time to hunt the eggs!

Poor Liam has been in need of a hair cut for a while now, it was a little hot that day.

The next best thing, opening up the eggs and getting the candy!

April 24 2012
Liam finger painting with his cars, what boy doesn't like that!

Lincoln went to a pirate Birthday party and got this eye patch. Liam won't go anywhere with out it! So here we are at Avery's school play, which was adorable, and here is my little pirate♥
Avery was a red snapper and was so cute! Grandma Julie sent her her costume so I didn't have to make one, thank you Julie! She hurt her finger a little bit ago really badly and was all worried because she had to "snap" her fingers in the play when it was time for the red snappers to sing their part. I told her to just pretend with that hand, problem solved! 

Liam and Annie helping each other to get a drink, love how he needed to flip up his patch to do this ;)

Avery in the play, she did such a great job. I didn't get many pictures because there were too many people and the lighting was horrible. I did get her part on video though.

Avery and her friend Jessie.

April 30th 2012
Jared got a random flat tire, thank goodness we noticed while it was parked out front, so the boys were on the job! I'm sure Jared was so happy for all the help ;)

April was great and I am getting bigger with this little girl! Can't wait for March♥