Saturday, October 20, 2012

Our Blog Has Moved!

Since blogger only allows you to have so much "free" space before you have to pay a monthly fee, I decided to look into other blog sights to see what was out there as far as fee and available space. Typepad was the best option for me, so I have moved our blog! This blog will still be here, but if you would like to keep up with us then head on over to


RSP said...

Actually Amy and I had this problem. Turns out it's a Google conspiracy. If you sign up (free) for Google Plus, then you get as much storage as you want. Otherwise you have to pay. An easy fix if you don't want to move!

Ryan and Amy Nelsen said...

Yes it's true, but even after I signed up, I eventually ran into the same problem again...and I have no idea what to do thank you Linzie for the advice!

amy amy said...

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