Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Night At The Hospital

Liam ended up having a bad UTI so they kept him overnight to watch him and make sure the antibiotics were working. I spent the night with him and Jared came home to stay with Ave and Linc. Liam was already perking up when I got there around 5, it was so nice to see him coming around and getting back to being himself. He ate so much for dinner that I wanted to cry! He was just so happy again!

He did better last night than he had in a week. He still woke up a lot, but it was to be expected. We walked the halls with his IV poll and he would flirt with all the nurses and people walking by. He was trying so hard to stand up in his crib all morning. When he finally got it he was soooo excited!

Avery has to give a talk today in church so Jared came to switch me places so I could help her and teach my sunbeam class. The kids came with him and as soon as Liam saw Ave he all but jumped out of my arms trying to reach for her! It was the cutest thing ever. He just held on to both of them when they hugged him. I think they missed each other.

We are just waiting for the Dr's to come and round on him and hopefully let us bring him home tonight so keep your fingers crossed :0)

Saturday, February 27, 2010


Today my sweet Liam is in the ER. It is not for an emergency, but just for the fact that our Pediatrician's office is not open on the weekends. For the past month and a half his stool has been like water and he is not gaining weight. He is not loosing weight either, just staying at 23 pounds. We have done multiple stool samples and turned them into Labcorp yesterday. He has hardly slept in a weak and hardly eats anything now. He runs a low temp. all the time. Last night Jared and I were up with him and decided that it is time to take him in. Jared thinks that he has an infection somewhere, we just need to find out where. He still smiles and laughs when he is awake, and the sun is up, but is still just not himself. Keep your fingers crossed that it's just a small UTI or something that can be easily fixed. I'll keep you posted when we get some answers.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Valentine's Day And Lincoln's Birthday

Since Lincoln's Birthday is on Valentines Day I always have the kids wake up to their Valentines Day stuff and Have a pink breakfast and then it's all Linc after that! This year my awesome mom came out for Lincoln's Birthday and he was so excited to have Nana here, thanks mom :0) We had pink milk, bacon, pink eggs, and perfectly pink chocolate chip pancakes mmmmm!

We had a fun day hanging out and just being with Nana! Later we made HUGE pink lemon cupcakes with a ton of sprinkles for Linc! They were so good!

Then it was MORE presents and MORE Batman stuff!!!! Lincoln was in heaven and I think Jared was too! Thank you for all the birthday wishes, cards, and gifts! He LOVED them! All in all it was a great day!

Monday, February 22, 2010

A Boy And His Party

Lincoln turned four this past Valentines Day, I can't believe he is four! Since his birthday fell on a Sunday we had his party the day before. He wanted a Spiderman party, so away we went to the party store for Spiderman decorations and balloons! He was so excited and couldn't stop jumping up and down. He is such a cute kid!

I had all of his friends dress up as a super hero, they were so cute!!! Lincoln wanted to play freeze dance, "just like Avery's party" he told me. So freeze dance it was and there were some serious moves going on. I couldn't get the video to load so Ill have to try later. The boys played and played and had so much fun. Then it was time for cake and ice cream!

I gave Liam his own ice cream cone and he was so excited! At first he just looked at it and touched it, then he tasted a little and that was all it took! He would not let it go and just sucked on the chocolate.

Lincoln was soooo excited to open his presents! Batman and Lego's must have been in this year and thank goodness because he LOVED them!!!! The boys are so cute and they all wanted to try out the new batman gear!

Thanks to Linc's friends for an awesome super hero party!!!!