Thursday, April 26, 2012

January 2012

January 2nd
The boys doing "Man Stuff" in the garage! They were building Linc's putter thing he got for Christmas. It's a good thing he chose to wear his sweet socks and church shoes for the job!

Liam wanting to hammer and not happy when his brother said no.

Can you tell by the huge cheesy grin that he finally got his way......little stinker♥

January 6th
My sweet little Ave turned 8 years old today! My mom, two Aunts, two cousins, and their 4 kids flew out for a fun girl weekend. Nobody said anything to the kids so that we could all show up at the bus stop and wait for them. It was awesome!!! Avery started running a screaming with excitement. Linc had to do a double take before he caught on. Best birthday present EVER!

Liam and Sophie on the tramp together. These two had so much fun together, I wish we lived closer.

As I watched these two play I was reminded of Sarah, my cousin and Soph's mom, playing with Strawberry shortcake together♥

Liam missed his G.G. and I'm not sure, but I think she missed him too ;0)

Sarah and Jr. The last time I saw her she was VERY pregnant with the little man. He is such a doll!

Have I ever mentioned that I LOVE my family♥

Still not feeling good due to baby #4 I went all out for Ave's b-day and bought a cake from the store. She went with me and picked out the Tangled cake. I have to say it was one of thee best store bought cakes I have ever had! She loved it, and that's all that matters♥
After Lincoln's last birthday cake where I had them right Happy Birthday Lincoln and got Happy Birthday Linda, I decided to buy some gel and do it myself :0)

We had two blowup beds in the living room, mom on the couch, the 4 older kids in Ave and Linc's room, Sarah and her two in the spare room and Sleeping beauty, Cezanne, in our room, and Liam in his room. But we all fit and had sooooo much fun together!

January 7th
These two at it again.

I don't have a ton of pictures of these four because they were always on the go! Not the best picture, but the best faces!!!

Sophie let me do her hair so I had to make a butterfly clip! I miss having a little girl, thanks Soph for making my day love♥

And here Poor Jared is yet again asleep on the chase. He was working most of the time everyone was here. It was nice for me to have my family here during this long weekend without him, but not for him. He wished he could have hung out with everyone more that he was able too. 
He works so hard, we love you babe♥

January 8th
Cezanne, my home body partner in crime, and Liam playing Angry birds on the Kindle Fire, he was in Heaven.


Time for dinner! I have never seen kids eat as many grapes as these 7 did.

Liam was oh so excited for kisses♥

My beautiful Niece Abby showing us her prom outfit ;0)  
Love her♥

Amanda scored a smooch!

Jr. fell into the bucket of Lego's, it took him a bit to wiggle his little butt out. We were so helpful and took pictures :0)

Two Gorgeous girls! 

The good Grandmas get on the tramp with you♥

January 9th
What would a girl get together be with out a little laser hair removal. Today the special was 

Electric pulses administered by our roaming skin specialist!
Who's next????

It was so sad to see everyone go after the weekend was over :( Amanda was here till Sunday and then Abby and Aiden stayed the week with us. Those lucky ducks ;0)
January 10th
Avery got a spa kit for Christmas so she and Abby busted it out and made a whole bunch of stuff. Avery was in heaven with Abby here. 

Who said boy's can't paint their nails? Liam attached himself to Abby. It was the sweetest thing ever. Those of you who know my little Liam know that he calls me Mommya. We don't know why he started this but it stuck and it's so cute. So he started to call Abby Abbya.  She did everything for him, dressed him, played with him, brushed his teeth, read to him, you name it, Abbia did it! It was such a help to me to have a little break.

January 11th
Dinner......never a dull moment at the Smith house♥

January 13th
Avery and Lincoln still had school during the day so the kids and I hung out. I felt bad that I felt so crappy, but they were such big helps that they made it easier.
I love these pictures of Liam and his Abbya♥

Aiden and Lincoln, the picture says it all!

One thing that the girls loved was going into my craft room and having free rein! They made some pretty cute headbands, including those sweet cat ears Liam is sporting! He loves pretending to be a cat and the best is when he does his "mad kitty" impression, priceless!

January 14th
Amanda flew back in the following Saturday, or Friday night, I can't remember. We all went to the Wild Life Ranch where you drive in your car and all the animals are out roaming around and you feed them. We have been a couple of times and each time is just as much fun as the last. The van is perfect for this because as soon as you are out of sight, you can open the side door.

Liam loves to sit on Jared lap while he drives through. A whole window to himself! He asks me ever day if we can go and feed some animals, he loves them.

The Zebras were everywhere today! We thought at one point one was going to hop right in the van, the kids LOVED it!

The Ostrich here are CRAZY!!! They will peck your head off if your not looking. So we shut all the doors and windows till they passed. 

These little donkeys were so cute and there were soooo many of  them. They too were pretty excited with all the eager hands that were feeding them.

There is a little pasture full of goats that you can feed. Those little devils will rip the whole bag out of your hand if your not watching.

There goes Aidens bag!

Ever since our first trip here Jared and the Ostrich are out to get each other. He kept pestering the poor thing, but it kept following him up and down the fence line hissing at him. 
Boys will be boys.

Linc and Aiden were inseparable this whole week. He was lost for a bit when Aiden had to go home. 

So was Liam. He kept crying for his Abbya♥

Afterward it was time for lunch!
And of course that meant another bag full of grapes.

I was so much fun to be with family, we missed them so much. I'm hoping we will be able to see them sooner this next visit. But until then we made some pretty unforgettable memories♥

January 22nd
My brother Creed recently moved to Austin and I couldn't be more excited! He couldn't get a flight into Austin so he landed in San Antonio and Jared took him home the next day. 
The kids were so excited to see him! 
The funny thing about this picture is when Creed was little, he was the one biting and kicking. Paybacks are a bugger Creed ;0)

After that the kids wanted to go outside and play with Uncle Creed for a bit. It wasn't rainy, but pretty misty. Of course that didn't stop us!

Ave saved her Birthday and Christmas money and got herself some sweet roller skates and pads. She is doing to good!

Liam LOVES his scooter that Santa brought him. Honestly watching him ride it is the cutest thing ever!

Lincoln has gotten so good at riding his bike! He has some pretty cool moves too. I need to teach him the Pee Wee Hermen trick! Anyone old enough to know what that is? ;0)

A little help over the curb♥

We love it when Uncle Creed is able to come and visit. He is so good with the kids and they love him so very much! We are glad you are closer Creeder♥

January was pretty busy and full of family, just the way we like it!  Bring on February!!!